Why train a dog to attack is a bad idea

Training a dog to attack without prior experience can have very serious consequences, both for the animal and for you. Cases of attacks are well known around the world, and this could also happen to you if you intend to train your dog to bite.

In this article we draw up an exhaustive list of reasons for the weight why a dog should not be trained to attack. It is important to promote responsibility among animal owners. Continue reading to find out why training a dog to attack is a bad idea.

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Are you a professional ?
Which dog is suitable for this type of training ?

Today, there are many areas using dogs as work tools. They include rescue dogs, drug detector dogs, therapy dogs and police dogs.

The latter are animals that receive a very complex training, always carried out by canine dressage professionals. These are large dogs (German Shepherd, Doberman or labrador, among others) who must have great obedience skills, otherwise they could become extremely dangerous.
Are you a professional ?

Never train a dog to attack if you don’t have the knowledge to do so. Training a biting dog is a very important decision that must be made by a responsible and qualified person : people with training and experience.

In order to successfully train a dog for this type of activity, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the dog’s behaviour, the right tools and techniques, and the ability to solve problems that may arise during the learning process.

If you’re not an expert in training, don’t even think about training a dog to attack. Like people, many animals can develop mental problems that you are not able to identify.
Why train a dog to attack is a bad idea – you’re a professional ?
Which dog is suitable for this type of training ?

Know that not all dogs are suitable for training at attack, regardless of their breed. Professionals do not choose just any animal, but only those that are calm, obedient, reserved, active and intelligent.

A dog who shows up sometimes hesitant in front of the orders you give him will not be a good defense dog. What could happen if he’s not tied up ? Think twice before you even think about starting this training.
Why train a dog to attack is a bad idea – which dog is suitable for this type of training?

A dog trained to attack is a weapon in itself. Therefore, there is a great deal of responsibility and monitoring of your behaviour at all times. A dog receiving this type of education must have third-party liability insurance.

The animal will not be able to perform certain activities specific to its species, such as going to the toilet for dogs or walking freely without a leash, you will deprive it of a relaxed lifestyle. Nor can this dog be entrusted to people who do not have the appropriate knowledge and skills : it is a dangerous animal for those who do not know and master this type of activity.

You should also be aware that you will need to have sufficient savings to deal with the problems that may arise : stereotyping, behavioural problems, stress, redirected anger, etc.
Why train a dog to attack is a bad idea-all the more…

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