What are the benefits of dog grooming and proper hygiene?

Chiwawa, Bichon, Collie, Golden Retriever, Spaniel, St. bernard, Terrier or Rottweiler, all the dogs are in need of hygiene and cleanliness. It is about their health and well-being. When pets are clean and healthy, it’s not just for their own good, it’s for the good of the whole family. Here is a small reminder of the benefits of dog grooming, to help you always carry out this important part of the care of your four-legged companion.

The benefits of brushing your dog

The dog’s coat or fur plays a very important role in protecting the dog from disease and bad weather. But the nature of the hair makes it a popular place for parasites and bacteria. It is also the site of various pollutions and filth contracted during walks and various activities of the dog. This makes it a good reason to care for the dog’s hair, but there are many reasons why you should take care of your dog’s fur. Brushing eliminates dead hair, dust, droppings, and any dirt or other foreign matter that has become embedded in its coat. Even better, brushing helps to disentangle the knots that form when the hairs are poorly maintained.

This promotes oxygenation and helps to avoid the appearance of bad odours. In terms of hygiene, brushing can detect small wounds, infections and parasites such as ticks and fleas. It also prevents the proliferation of these parasites and prevents certain diseases. It should also be noted that the brush stimulates blood circulation. This provides comfort for the dog while promoting the growth of new hair. Finally, regular brushing reduces the frequency of good.

Note: the frequency of brushing depends on your dog’s coat and environment. It is also advisable to use a soft brush, a comb or a carde with picot depending on the type of hair.

The benefits of dog bathing

The bath is the basis of the dog’s grooming. It provides better comfort for your puppy. This operation deserves special attention. This means choosing the right dog shampoo. It is also necessary to avoid penetration of products into sensitive parts of the dog such as the eyes, to rinse and dry the dog after grooming. This is why you have to bathe your dog. Bath :

Eliminates dirt and parasites that cannot be removed by simple brushing.
Disinfects sludge and other pollutants that stick to the skin.
Eliminates germs that can cause severe infection when the animal is injured.
Reduces the tendency for hair to become tangled.
Reduces itching.
Allows the skin to breathe.
Deodorizes hair and provides better comfort.
Offers optimized hygiene.

Note: it is always best to disentangle the hair before bathing. Brushing the hair beforehand helps alleviate the heat shock and also ensures that the cleansing product reaches the skin and the hair bases.

The benefits of shearing

Shearing helps to keep the hair at a good length. It is a grooming that does not apply to all breeds but only to certain breeds and in some cases. You just have to cut the hair that’s too long and forming knots. You must also avoid shaving the dog completely, you must leave enough hair for it is a protective element. So there are a few reasons why the dog should be mown. In fact, mowing can :

Remove some parts of the body such as the eye contour, the underside of the pad, the contours of the legs and tail. This contributes to his well-being by reducing his genes.
Reduce the fall of hair everywhere when it becomes too long. It is also a form of grooming that helps to keep the hair in the right proportion.
Mowing the dog for purely aesthetic purposes. This helps to comply with the required standards of certain breeds such as poodle or Yorkshire, especially if the dogs concerned are brought to participate in a beauty contest.

Remark: to avoid any clumsiness, it is necessary to entrust the shearing of the dog to a professional. This type of maintenance should take place no more than once a year. Multiple fur breeds like the Husky, the Pomeranian, the German shepherd, the Chow-chow should not be shorn.

The benefits of eye and Ear Care for your dog

Dogs also need facial care, more precisely an eye and Ear Care. Very sensitive parts of their body, these natural orifices are also the site of many diseases. Providing impeccable care reduces the incidence of disease and contributes to animal welfare. The benefits of these dog talks are innumerable. By cutting the hair inside the ear, the ear canal is cleared. Abundant cerumen can be eliminated with a special lotion (to be obtained only by taking the advice of a veterinarian). Visual inspection of the ear can detect injuries and parasites and treat them if they exist. Cleaning the drains around the eyes contributes to the comfort of the animal. The hair that falls in front of the eyes will have to be cut to give the animal a better vision, it also helps to avoid that its hair will sink in the eyes and irritate your puppy.
Note: never use an earpick to clean the dog’s ears.

The benefits of dog teeth cleaning

Bad breath, caries, gingivitis, periodontitis are all problems and oral diseases of the dog. Regular maintenance of the teeth reduces the risk of these infections, which can cause severe pain. Here are the benefits of regular maintenance of your dog’s teeth.
Brushing teeth prevents plaque and tartar formation by removing food debris.
The oral examination is used to check Sharp Objects (bone fragments, for example) that cause a wound inside the mouth of the animal.
The oral examination also allows to check the color of the tongue and gums of the dog. Indeed, gums that have become white or black indicate that the dog is suffering from a serious disease.

Note: use a toothpaste and a special dog toothbrush.

There are benefits of dog grooming for humans too

The dog is an animal that likes to play and rub with its master. The dog also likes to lick his family members, not to mention that men love to pet their pets. That being said, it is always nice to rub each other and live with a clean and healthy puppy than to go and touch a dirty and smelly animal. It also reduces the risk of disease contamination and parasite proliferation.

I mean, when the dog is clean, he’s not gonna mess up the house and the furniture he’s gonna bask in.

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