Socializing an Adult Dog, the Effective Method

socializing an adult Dog

Socializing an adult dog is a very important thing for any Dog regardless of its breed or character, but for this operation to be successful, it must be carried out as soon as possible when you get a new dog.

Socializing a young dog is done from the first day of its arrival at home, it must last until the end of its adolescence.

The period of adolescence is very difficult in dogs, once this stage is over, and if the socialization has been done well, your efforts will bring their fruit, and your puppy will become a brave companion without any unpredictable behavior, whether aggressive behaviors or those due to fear.

On the other hand, it is important to know that if the dog, who was socialized at an early age, loses all contact with his family or usual surroundings, he will probably lose everything he had learned.

This also applies to dogs that no longer have any social interaction for a very long time. You will see these cases if you adopt an adult dog who has not been well socialized or who has lost everything he learned at a young age.

This article is dedicated to people who have adopted, or who are considering adopting an adult dog (I encourage them because not all families are willing to accept adult dogs in distress or homeless because they need special treatment and attention).

I will explain to you how to socialize an adult Dog, correct the Mistakes that were made during a failed socialization or that should have been made at an early age. Know that it is never too late to save and socialize an adult Dog, although it is not easy enough that the juniors have.
Socializing an adult Dog, How does it manifest the problems of a misdirected socialization ?

We Recognize A Failed Socialization Through These Signs :

Fear: if you notice that the dog is fearful, fearful or afraid because of very normal things or common noises, know that it has not been well socialized. It should also be noted that not all dogs are afraid of the same thing, but in general, all unknown things stress them out.

Socializing An Adult Dog  the Right Way

Poorly socialized dogs are often afraid of specific people, for example, People your dog is not used to seeing in the house, or people who make a lot of noise while moving or give off well-defined smells.

For example, people who travel with a cane or who are on wheelchairs, people who often wear heels, or people who smell of alcohol or cigarettes. Know that this fear can turn into aggressive behavior in some dogs. The motive is always fear and wanting to protect themselves by attacking.

Aggressive dogs: this aggressiveness is explained by fear, the poorly socialized dog is afraid of many things that are part of his daily life within the host family, so to defend himself, he will show his aggressiveness by attacking subjects that are for him a source of enormous danger.

The first contact is very critical, that’s why
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When you adopt an adult dog, you have to be very careful when socializing it, because you don’t know much about it, about the subjects or the objects that frighten it, and most importantly, its reaction to a potential source of danger.

Socializing an adult Dog with Children

If you have children, caution is required, a dog that has never been socialized will never know what a child is, and of course, he will be suspicious, sometimes, he can even jump on small children without yet paying attention, which is not the case for dogs that have been well socialized, and who are in constant contact with children and adults

This can be the case for any new thing in its environment, your washing machine, your bike, even at storms or even the alarm clock… you have to expect any kind of reaction, the poor dog is not responsible.

Be careful when traveling with your adult Dog, each new place full of new people and a new challenge for it, you have to expect everything, as long as it is not yet well socialized, do not leave it unattended on your part.

Your first mission will be to rebuild your dog’s self-confidence, and help him to familiarize himself and know your environment that will soon become His as well.

Know that you do not have the possibility to socialize your adult dog with the same ways and procedures as a small puppy, it is necessary to go slowly, especially with the new places.

How Do I Socialize My Adult Dog ?

Get closer to this dog, try to understand it, and most importantly, understand its fears and things that make it uncomfortable in order to avoid them. Show her great care and affection, these are the first things I advise you to do.

Then try to give him something that he likes very much (whether it’s a toy or a candy) in very specific situations, bitch to this gesture, you will make him understand that it is necessary to relax and relax instead of panic.

By repeating these gestures very frequently, your dog will understand that this situation, which is a little embarrassing for him, is in fact great, because it allows him to have sweets OR his favorite toy, this is what is called learning by association, however, it is necessary to choose the appropriate moments to give him the reward.

It is strictly forbidden for other people to pet your dog, the caresses must come from you as well as your relatives (the people who live with you in the house), do not let the people you meet in the street caress your dog.

If you have guests, you should ask them not to touch or pet your dog, var he is in the process of socializing, on the other hand, if he approaches them voluntarily, there is no harm in touching and petting him.

If your dog is afraid of anything that moves (and does not move…) know that he can escape to put an end to his suffering at any time, that’s why you have to be very careful with this kind of dog. During walks, choose calm and peaceful places

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