Dog Sports and Activities to Keep Your Dog in Shape!

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In this article we will see the benefit of doing sports with your dog. What can dog sports bring to both you and your favorite puppy? What canine sports exist? Which activity to choose?

Why Is It Good To Exercise With Your Dog ?

There are many good reasons to exercise with your dog, for example :

  • Meet the dog’s need for physical expenditure.
  • Share a special moment with your pet.
  • Create or expand the link.
  • Discover a new activity.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity to deepen the education and the listening of his dog.
  • A time-share with other pairs in a master/dog.
  • Maintain good health and physical fitness.
  • Weight loss for overweight or obese dogs.
  • And others.

You will have understood, there are many advantages, so do not hesitate, go for sport with your dog!

Types of Canine Sports?

The choice of dog sports is quite large, there are some for all tastes, from the quietest to the most physical.You will find your ideal sport !

Cani-marche or cani-rando: the principle is to have a bond between the master and the dog, and to go walking while being towed by the dog.
Canicross: same principle as cani-walk, except that the speed is increased, it is done by running. Ideal for the most sporty.
Agility sport: probably the most famous dog sport. The goal is to get the dog over obstacles as quickly as possible.
French Ring: also called “biting protection sport“, the goal is to combine protection, obedience and leaps. This discipline can only be practised by certain L. O. F. breeds (Malinese, German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, etc.).
Tracking or Mantrailing: the dog should use his nose to find an object or person.
Cani-ATV, Cani-roller, Cani-trottinette: the dog must draw with a line attached to the ATV, to the scooter or to the harness.
Obérythmée or dog dancing: it is a question of putting a choreography on a musical background by following a series of tricks (tricks like making the beautiful, rolling, giving the paws, saluting, etc.).
Cani-paddle: this discipline consists in paddling in the water standing on a board accompanied by his dog.
Sled racing: it is a team of 2 to 20 dogs attached to the same sled. Most often this activity is done on snow.
Cavage: it is the action of looking for truffles, the most predisposed race is the Lagotto Romagnolo.
Rescue dog: it is the use of the dog in order to save people either in the mountains or in the water. The most widely used breeds are Newfoundland and the Pyrenees mountains.
The Field Trail: intended exclusively for the hunting dog. There are several disciplines related to hunting.
The lure race or cani-run: this discipline is often intended for greyhounds, the principle is to make the dog run after a lure.
Treibball: guide the dog at a distance to allow him to bring back several balloons, one by one, for a goal. This activity is similar to the sheep-rattling Shepherd Dog.

Which Dog Sport Activity To Choose?

The most important thing is to choose the activity based on the physical abilities of your dog and your dog.

Your choice can be made according to your dog’s breed. If you own a Nordic dog, choose a tracksport (cani-MTB, sleigh, etc…), their genetics has been selected to shoot, they love it.

If your companion is a Border Collie or an Australian Shepherd, Treibball is an activity that will delight him. You can also take her to the herd with sheep or ducks.

The activity that can correspond to all dogs (age, breed, size) and all masters (young, old, disabled) is the oberythmea or Dog Dancing. It adapts entirely to the physical and psychological abilities of the dog and the master. The oberythmy remains the ideal sport for everyone, but is still little known.


Take the time to learn more about the dog sport that attracts you the most, get closer to the canine educators or associations that practice this discipline, in order to start on a good foundation.

And most importantly, have fun with your dog !

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