Japanese dog breeds

There is no doubt that Japanese dogs have something special in their eyes and in the way they behave. It is certainly for this reason that we meet more and more akita inu and shiba Inu in the street, they are really adorable and extremely faithful.

In this article, we will present you 7 breeds of Japanese dogs that you must absolutely know if you are thinking of adopting, or if, simply, you like dogs.

Read this article in its entirety and discover the various kinds of Japanese dogs! Do not hesitate to ask us your questions at the bottom of the page.

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Akita inu
Shiba inu
Shikoku inu
Hokkaido inu
Kishu inu
Tosa inu
Japanese Spitz
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Akita inu

The akita inu is a pure Japanese dog breed, which is a thousand years old and which today counts more than 3000 years at the side of Man. This amazing and beautiful dog has been used for various tasks over the centuries, such as hunting, dog fighting or guarding. Currently, the akita inu is a fantastic pet dog, very popular.

Dogs of this Japanese breed usually have a very strong personality and are quite dominant, so you will have to socialize them since very small. The akita inu don’t bark for everything and anything, if one of them barks, pay attention because there is inevitably a reason.

It must be borne in mind that these dogs are the dogs of a single master, this does not mean that he will show no affection to other people in the family, only that it is very likely that he will not listen to the orders of another than his master.

The akita inu are very affectionate dogs with the whole family, it is an ideal choice for all those who have young children since they are patient and will never get annoyed if ever they are pulled the tail or the ears. They are very loyal dogs and devoted to the group to which they belong.
Japanese dog breeds – Akita inu
Shiba inu

The Japanese dog breed shina inu is one of the 6 endemic dog breeds in Japan and one of the oldest breeds in the world. Its appearance is very similar to that of the akita inu, in a little smaller. The males rarely exceed 40 cm and are very faithful to their master. It is one of the closest races to the grey wolf genetically, at the same level as the shar pei.

It is an ideal dog to keep around the family circle, they are friendly with family members and other animals. However, it should be noted that they are extremely active and will need to be taken out very regularly so that they can exercise and spend themselves physically and mentally.

They have short hair and its colors vary from orange brown to white. There are also completely white shiba inu but this is quite rare. The shiba inu are very intelligent dogs, which paradoxically, can sometimes have trouble with the simplest orders such as giving the paw or sitting down.
Japanese dog breeds – Shiba inu
Shikoku inu

The shikoku inu is native to the island of Tosa, it was used for hunting large animals like wild boars or deer. There are three species of this breed : Awa, Hongawa and Hata.

In appearance, it is quite similar to the shiba inu, in much larger size. It is one of the medium sized dogs and can measure between 43 and 55cm in height and weigh between 20 and 23 kg. Its muzzle is short, its ears small and in triangle and its coat can be of three colors: black predominant and white with a touch of Orange.

He is an agile, energetic and faithful dog. He usually has no problems or illnesses. Most of the time, they’re healthy, the only problems identified in this breed would be vision problems.
Japanese dog breeds – Shikoku inu
Hokkaido inu

The hokkaidu inu is a medium-sized or large Japanese dog, a strong dog with strong, straight extremities. His lineage is believed to have originated in China, although nothing is 100% certain as the origin of this breed goes back 3,000 years.

They are very active dogs that need several walks a day and physical activity. If they do not spend enough, they can gain a lot of weight, this characteristic is to be taken into account if you want to adopt a hokkaido Inu. His ideal weight is between 20 and 30 kg.

The most common color of its coat is beige, although the chromatic range can be very wide in this Japanese dog breed.
Japanese dog breeds – Hokkaido inu
Kishu inu

The kishu inu remained one of the island’s local domestic dogs for hundreds of years. It is a dog with very little presence in the West. In ancient times, its coat could have several colors but today it is found only in white, beige and black.

Its physiognomy is robust with several thick layers of hair. Its tail is usually curved upward and its ears are hairy and short.

He has a quiet character with a great predisposition to docility. Although, depending on the rate of exercise he performs, this may vary. If it doesn’t spend enough, the kishu inu can become nervous. During these phases, their barking can be continuous and powerful.

The ideal place for him would be a large field or field on which he could play, run and exercise his natural watchdog functions.
Japanese dog breeds – Kishu inu
Tosa inu

The history of tosa inu is relatively short. It is the result of crosses between the bulldog, the Argentine dogue and the Saint Bernard.

They are undoubtedly exceptionally brave and strong. They are currently used in dogfights in Japan, which would be neither excruciating nor bloody. In this kind of fighting, dogs, it seems, never die. Nevertheless, we are fiercely opposed to any practice that could seriously endanger the dogs put in the hands of inexperienced handlers.

Today, the tosa inu is a fantastic stable pet dog that can live with other animals without any problems. He also gets along very well with the little ones of the House.

Its muzzle is of medium size, slightly elongated and in general its nose is black. The ears are small in relation to the size of its head and eyes which are also small and Earth-Brown with Garnet tones. He is a really beautiful and impressive dog by his build.
Japanese dog breeds – Tosa inu
Japanese Spitz

The Japanese spitz is descended from spitz dogs that arrived in Japan around the 1920s. It is a medium-sized dog that does not exceed 35 cm in height.

It has long hair and although it is not one of the dogs that lose most of their hair, it loses a lot of it and you will have to think about brushing it regularly. The Japanese spitz are white, quiet and warn when they hear an unusual noise.

This Japanese dog breed is ideal for all members of the family but you should be careful of its reactions with strangers as they have a lot of trouble to trust. The japanese spitz is much less known than its cousin the samoyed or eskimo american.
Japanese dog breeds-Japanese Spitz
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