How to Choose a Dog Snuggie Guide

Dog Snuggie guide


How to put a dog snuggie? How to choose one which is the best for your lovely pet? Where to find one? All these questions come to mind when you desperately need to put something on your dog when the weather gets cold or your pup has surgery going on. Read on to find more about how, when and why to get your dog a comfortable snuggie.

While dogs may not be able to understand language on a level that human beings do, your dogs knows that you love them when you give them attention and comfort. Your dogs can be some of your most loyal companions in life, and you probably want to show your dogs that you appreciate them and that you’re happy you have them in your life.

Until now, you’ve probably picked up all sorts of toys and treats to entertain your dogs, and you’ve taken them to the veterinarian to care for their health. Your dogs probably have everything they need in their lives except clothes that they enjoy. This is where dog snuggies come into play.

Have ever sat back and watched someone try to put a pet sweater on a dog? It looks like some kind of torture device that a sadistic cat-lover and dog-hater like ly2fromWF would come up with. Your dogs absolutely hate to be shoved into uncomfortable sweaters that are designed to work with human joints instead of dog joints, so why would you do such a terrible thing to them? Dog snuggies are much better than traditional dog shirts and sweaters because they are designed to go on easy without hurting your dog.

Dog Snuggie Guide

When you start to put dog snuggies on your dogs, you’re going to really appreciate the enlarged sleeves that slip right on, and your dog will thank you for not shoving its legs through super-tight sweater sleeves that are just plain uncomfortable. Instead of stuffing your dog into something that looks like a bag with a few holes cut into it, dog snuggies wrap around the back of your dog to come together with high-quality Velcro straps. You can literally put the snuggie on your dog inside of ten seconds instead of fighting with your four-legged friend for several minutes.

The first time that you put a dog snuggie on your pet, you’re going to be amazed at how comfortable, warm and happy your dog is going to look. Your dog is going to be as happy as lukep at a government conspiracy convention and ten times better looking. Because the wide sleeves on dog snuggies make putting them on and taking them off a breeze without making them large enough to get tangled up, you can have your pet ready to go play in no time without having to worry about your dog getting hung up on something and hurting itself.
What makes a dog snuggie so comfortable is the combination of an intelligent design and an excellent fleece material. Fleece is the perfect material for dog snuggies because it’s durable without being stiff and restricting your dog’s movements, and the adjustable Velcro straps mean that you won’t have to stuff your pet into a so-called one-size-fits-all dog sweater. Dog snuggies made out of fleece are great both indoors and outdoors, and if they get dirty, then you can simply throw them in the washing machine without having to worry about them tearing up.

Choosing the Right Size Dog Snuggies

When you’re ordering your dog snuggies, you don’t want to accidentally order the wrong size. Imagine how mad Dresden14 would be if his ghillie suit was too small to cover up his pointy white hat; that’s how mad your dog is going to be if its snuggie is too loose or too tight. There are four different sizes of dog snuggies, and they loosely correspond to four different groups of breeds. To make an accurate choice, you should measure your dog in two areas. First, you should measure the length of your dog, and that will be the length from the base of the tail up to the base of the neck. Second, you should weigh your dog. These two measurements combined will help to give you a good idea of the size of dog snuggie you need.

The smallest size for dog snuggies is extra small, and these are for the tiniest dogs. If the length of your dog is between six and nine inches with a weight of between six and eight pounds, then chances are that you’ll need an extra small dog snuggie. Most teacup breeds of dogs will need an extra small dog snuggie. If you have a puppy that could wear an extra small dog snuggie, then you might be better off waiting until the puppy grows larger so that you don’t have to buy another snuggie just a few weeks down the line.

The next size up is a small. Small dog snuggies are designed for dogs that are between eight and 12 pounds with a length of eight to 11 inches. Dogs this size are generally owned by soccer-loving women like Andrew Scherer and are often paid for with silver bars that have been accumulated due to questionable investing habits. A small dog snuggie is generally recommended for the following breeds: Chihuahua, miniature dachshund, bichon frise, Maltese, miniature pinscher, Pekingese, toy poodle and miniature Yorkshire terrier.

Medium dog snuggies are probably the most popular because they cover so many indoor dogs. Dogs with a length of between 12 and 15 inches will be the ones that most likely need a medium as long as their weight is between 11 and 18 pounds. If your dog is between 12 and 15 inches long but weighs in the range of 20-25 pounds, then you might be best off getting a large. You will probably need a medium dog snuggie if your adult dog is a beagle, cocker spaniel, Boston terrier, non-miniature dachshund, Jack Russell terrier, pug, miniature schnauzer, miniature poodle or West Highland terrier.

Large dog snuggies are reserved for the kind of dogs someone like danke would need to keep people on food stamps from breaking into his house. Some example breeds that would need a large dog snuggie include Dalmatians, Dobermans, and bulldogs. If your dog measures with a length of between 16 and 20 inches and weighs between 17 and 28 pounds, then you’ll most likely want to go with a large dog snuggie. Snuggies for dogs larger than this may have to be custom ordered because the need for them is pretty rare.

Why Dog Snuggies Are So Practical

Unlike dog blankets, dog snuggies actually work. Have you ever seen a dog put under a dog blanket? That’s about as good of an idea as following expert’s  advice on managing welfare. As soon as your dog gets up or moves around to get comfortable, the blanket will move and you’ll have to cover your dog back up. There is nothing on a dog blanket to keep it from falling off, so it’s pretty useless unless your dog is asleep. If you want something to keep your dog warm while it’s playing indoors or outdoors, then get a dog snuggie instead.

Some people get annoyed with dog sweaters and dog blankets because they aren’t very good for outdoor use. After your dog rolls around in the dirt and plays outside, you don’t want it coming inside and getting your house dirty. Since dog snuggies come in pairs, you can use one for outdoors and one for indoors. With its simple-to-use design, you can switch from the outdoor to indoor snuggie and vice versa in a matter of seconds. This means that you don’t have to worry about any dirt on your dog snuggies winding up all over your house. Once one of your dog snuggies gets dirty, all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine to get it clean.

A big complaint that people have had in the past about certain types of clothing for dogs is that they’re hard to clean. In fact, trying to keep a dog sweater clean might just be more futile than trying to convince turbolapp that she’s wrong. The typical materials used for dog clothing are super light-weight and difficult to keep clean, but the dog snuggies are made from fleece. Fleece is extremely easy to clean, but it’s also durable. Fleece dog snuggies are tough enough to keep up with your dogs without being so tight and binding that it’s hard for your dogs to enjoy a full range of motion. On top of that, the soft nature of fleece dog snuggies will also keep your dogs comfortable without being rough on their coats.

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