How Do You Train a Pit bull?

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Is It Hard To Train A Pit Bull

train a pit bull It turns out that in general, the pitbull belongs to the breeds known as “potentially dangerous”. This is due to their strong and robust physical attributes, as well as their combat dog background, a sad role given to them by men. However, this designation has absolutely nothing to do with the psychology and character of the breed and you should not have issues to train a pit bull.

In fact, in the collective imagination, pitbulls are considered the most dangerous dogs that exist, which, of course, makes no sense. That’s why in this new article we’re going to explain, how to train a pit bull efficiently and properly !

So, here we go!

Is The Pit Bull, A Dangerous Breed?

As we explained in the introduction to this article, The pit bull is included in the classification categories of “attack dogs” and “guard and defense dogs”. Unfortunately, this creates false beliefs that a dog’s aggressiveness would be determined by its breed. Is the pit bull a dangerous dog ? The answer is clear: a dog is not born dangerous, it becomes dangerous.

The main conclusion of a study conducted at the University of Córdoba in Spain indicates that the teachers are the main culprits for attacks on their pets. According to the author, Joaquín Pérez Guisado, the main cause of this kind of behavior in a dog is the bad or total nonexistence of education of the dog.

Looking for further studies on the subject, we come across scientist Rachel Casey (from the University of Bristol, England). The latter asserts that to associate aggressiveness with particular breeds does not rely on any scientific rigor or logic.

Indeed, an article published in the American edition of The Huffington Post goes even further on the subject. In this article, we find the result of the American Temperament Test Society investigation showing that the Pitbull is in the top of the “most tolerant dogs” ranking, just behind the labrador retriever. And the research found that American Pit Bull Terriers to be one of the most tolerant breeds.

Why Is The Pit Bull Considered Dangerous?

Throughout history, the breeds currently classified in categories 1 and 2 in France have been used in dog fighting, or in hunting sports. The unconscious handlers of these dogs “train” them since puppies to attack and hit them constantly. So that they bring out all the aggressiveness in them.

The law is not really on The Pit Bulls ‘ side either, since all pit bulls are required to wear a muzzle, regardless of their actual dangerousness. While other dogs with similar physical abilities, which are really dangerous, can do without. What is this about? To the story that accompanies them.

Unfortunately, all of these details have shaped society’s thinking and perception of pit bulls when, as we have clearly established previously. There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that aggressiveness is inherent in a race.

Tips For Training A Pitbull Puppy

The education of a pit bull puppy is governed by the same rules as any other dog breed. Here are the most important step-by-step tips to follow when you start to train a pit bull puppy:

Decide in advance and with the whole family what the puppy can do or not. For example, if he can get on the couch, on the beds, or he’ll sleep etc…

The whole family should be aware of these rules in order to avoid confusion in the dog’s mind.

Find a name for your pitbull puppy and make it recognize it quickly, as a rule it will only take a few days before it will respond positively to its name call.

You need to socialize your pitbull, this step is fundamental so that its relationship with other dogs and people is optimal.

Your pit bull puppy must learn to inhibit its bite so that it doesn’t hurt anyone when it plays, it will need to bite toys as well as a calm and serene environment.Use the positive reinforcement method as often as possible and use the “no.””shut up if he does anything stupid. Never screams and even less physical violence.

Teach your dog to stay alone Little By Little and learn about separation anxiety in order to prevent it properly.

Organize short training sessions (10 to 15 minutes) and teach basic commands such as: sit down! don’t move! etc

Nevertheless, the pit bulls terrier, like other breeds, are very dynamic dogs that have a lot of energy to spend. You have to be aware that a pit bull needs to do a lot of physical exercise daily to be well.

All dogs are different and unique but it is clear that pitbulls must go out at least two hours a day. You have to be careful about that. A dog that does not exercise enough is an unhappy and unhealthy dog.

Recommendation: all Category 1 dogs should wear a muzzle. That’s why it’s important that you get him used to wearing one as soon as he’s a puppy. In its two months, you can start by putting the muzzle on it for only one minute, then you will increase.

How To Train An Adopted Adult Pit bull?

How do you train an adult pit bull ? If you adopted a pit bull terrier dog, first of all, bravo for that gesture. Many pit bull dogs end up in shelters and rarely leave because of all the obligations that go with them. Nevertheless, you must pay special attention to the dog’s upbringing and character as it  certainly had to live through difficult times and you do not know everything about his past. He may not have received any education or, worse, was educated for the attack.

In any case, you should be aware that under no circumstances should you quarrel strongly with your pit bull, let alone be violent and aggressive. Your dog is strong and you don’t know his past. Knowing the dog’s body language will be fundamental in your situation.

If you consider your dog to have a serious behavioural problem, you will need to visit a canine educator or ethologist.


Usually to be able to adopt a defense dog, you must meet the following conditions:

  • be at least 18 years old,
  • have a clean criminal record,
  • not be under guardianship,
  • not have been subject to withdrawal of the right of ownership or custody of a dog,
  • have authorization from the prop

Remember that your dog should always be walked on a 1m30 long non-extensible leash.

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