Foods Rich in Taurine for Dogs

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If you have a dog with heart problems and look for specific food rich in taurine for dogs in order to solve this problem, you will see that taurine for dogs is a very beneficial supplement.

In addition to food, you will also need to pay attention to obesity, specific diagnosis, treatment and moderate exercise.

Caring for a dog with heart problems is not easy because you have to devote energy to it. And also, give it a lot of love by examining all the points and guidelines established by the expert.

In this article, we will review the taurine – rich foods for dogs, but remember that before offering anything to your pet, you must ask your veterinarian.

Taurine Health Benefits For Dogs

Providing adequate food to a dog with heart problems greatly reduces discomfort and for this, low salt foods, protein intake (provided the liver or kidneys are not damaged) and taurine intake are widely known.

Usually, taurine is already present in high quality pet foods found in the trade, but you can look for rich foods of this supplement to strengthen your best friend’s heart.

After conducting studies on the effect of taurine in dogs, technicians from the veterinary cardiology department at the University of Sacramento came to the conclusion that ” taurine deficiency can cause heart disease “. They affirm that “a taurine supplement will have beneficial effects on dogs suffering from heart problems”.

Some Advantages Of Taurine for Dogs:

  • Prevents muscle degeneration
  • Strengthens the heart muscle
  • Prevents arrhythmias
  • Improves vision
  • Eliminates harmful substances

Food rich in taurine for dogs and health benefits

Foods of animal origin

As we mentioned in our article on the types of dog food, the dog is an animal that eats mainly meat and vegetables to a lesser extent. Which is a positive point since taurine is found in foods of animal origin :

Chicken muscle provides a significant amount of natural taurine, especially in the legs or liver, where it is more widely found. Other taurine-rich meats are pork and beef, you can use the heart to prepare homemade food for your dog. Other products such as eggs (hard) or dairy products (cheese), always in small doses, also offer taurine and can be a great help to your pet.

Finally, and to put an end to foods of natural origin, the octopus (boiled for example) should be mentioned as a source of taurine.


Foods of plant origin

Taurine is also found in foods of plant origin although not all are suitable for dogs. You can give your pet recipes that contain Brewer’s yeast, green beans or beans.

Remember that it is recommended that 15% of their diet should consist of fruits and vegetables.

Artificial products containing taurine

In addition to natural products, you will find taurine preparations in the form of capsules or powder. If you have chosen this method, you should first consult the veterinarian to know how much to give to your pet.

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