Can I Feed My Dog an Apple? Benefits and Risks

dog eat apples

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Do you eat apples! We know that this fruit is excellent for our health. But what about our four-legged companions?

Apple is good for your dog’s health only if you remove the leaves and seeds. They contain cyanide, which can be particularly dangerous. It is however a very good food that you can include in his daily diet or give him as a reward.

The Potential Benefits Of The Apple For My Dog

The Apple is recommended for a slimming program dedicated to humans since it is low in calories. This strong point is also interesting for dogs especially if they are overweight. A few pieces in the croquettes make them more attractive and you have this satiating side that it is sometimes difficult to get with this diet. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins C, the Apple is also refreshing, it is perfect in summer in case of severe heat. It is an ideal fruit to fight against bad breath.

How And How Much Apples To Give My Dog?

Some apples are sold with their leaves which you must remove because of the amount of cyanide found in them. Also remove all the seeds by cutting out the central part which is sometimes difficult to eat. With small pieces or quarters, you can mix them with croquettes, but it is a very popular treat. In a dressage class, the Apple becomes a reward, but it is also ideal for games.

When they are bored, sometimes dogs eat apples

Dogs, when left during the day by their owner can get bored. They become destructive, hence the interest in offering them toys like Kong. You insert a few apple pieces and it should have fun for long hours. It is best to put the quarters under water to remove residues on the skin and possible toxicity related to the seeds.

Also choose low sugar apples especially if you want to give them regularly. This becomes problematic for diabetic dogs, but it is also harmful to health.

What Should I Replace The Apple With If I Want To Give My Dog Another Fruit To Eat?

The list is quite long since you have the choice between several fruits very good for your pet’s health:

  • watermelon
  • mango
  • pineapple
  • blueberry and all red fruits like raspberry and strawberry.

Avoid orange and melon and grapes which are particularly harmful.

As with all animal feed, start with a small amount and monitor for changes in behaviour. If the digestion is perfect, you can give your dog watermelon to moisturize, but remove the seeds preferably.

The pineapple is very beneficial thanks to several vitamins, folic acid, niacin, thiamin, potassium, iron, calcium… The amount must be reasonable and occasional basis as it contains sugar. Also, use small pieces to help with digestion.the skin can be difficult to swallow, especially for small dogs. Finally, choose a fresh pineapple, not in a box, as the syrup is not recommended.

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