Are Bark Collars Cruel to Your Dog?

Dog Barking Collars Are Not Inhumane

I want to state that anti dog barking collars are not inhumane.

You would not believe how many times I have heard this argument.  It seems that at times every dog lover is after me whenever I even begin a conversation talking about training your pet with dog shock collars. I try to post information on various pet forums about using these devices safety and effectively and all I ever get is grief and disbelief that I could resort to such cruel methods.

A person stated on the last forum that I posted on that my pug would start to hate me from using the this form of behavior training on him.I am not mad at all.  To be quite honest no person can ever prove if anti bark collars are inhumane or not because its all a matter of point of view and perception.

I used this form of dog training on my pug, who I love dearly, and he still loves me today.  He still sleeps in my bed every night.  I still jumps up on my lap when I am watching a movie.

The only thing he does not do is bark at every little thing he sees outside.

And our relationship has never been better.My pug is a stubborn little dog, as cute as he is, and I had to put the no barking collar on him for two and a half full weeks.

A first I tried to use this device sparingly and was inconsistent in use.  He would learn not to bark and within days on not having the collar forget and go right back to his old tricks.

So finally I just left it on him for basically three weeks.  Even when I thought he was over his excessive barking I put it on him.

Listen, I am well aware that dogs bark.  That is not my issue.  Its their job.What I cannot stand it out of control, excessive barking at everything they see.  Some dogs are smart enough to distinguish a threat from a non threat.

Others cannot.  You can go through weeks of dog training and accomplish nothing minus spending a couple hounded.

Or, like I did, you can invest in a bark collar to stop dog barking and get some real peace of mind. The things will not hurt your dog.  They will cause and unpleasant sensation, yes, but do harm to your dog, no.

You have some liberals out there who will complain about anything.  They will have to take three Tylenol a day because their pooch is giving them a headache when the solution to their problem is at their nearest pet store.

Its not like the dog has to wear the collar forever.  If you use it correctly than you will only need it several weeks.

These collars come in several sizes so you want to make certain you get one for your dog’s type.

You can also adjust the setting on these things from low impact all the way to high impact. To be clear I would like to mention that the anti bark collar is only meant to go off after three to four loud barks.  Anything less and it does not deliver the shock.

Try these things on yourself.  You will see that the shock looks worse than what it really is.  The sensation they feel is actually more mental than it is physical.

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