8 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

best dogs for kids dog kid photoWhen talking about what are the best dogs for kids, we need to look at three basic variants: protective dogs for babies, patient dog playmates for children and active dog playmates for restless children.

A useful rule for choosing a foster dog for your children is: “the smaller the child, the bigger the dog”. This will be discussed and explained in detail below.

If you want to know which are the 8 best “nanny dogs”, continue reading below.

In General The Best Dogs For Kids Are:

  • German shepherd
  • Pitbull terrier
  • Golden retriever
  • Danish
  • Boxer
  • Colley with long hair
  • Beagle
  • Labrador

Little Child, Big Dog

Young children, without realizing it, pull the hair, ears and tail of their dogs, or put their fingers in their eyes or muzzle. These actions can hurt a small dog and cause an aggressive / defensive reaction against the child. A dog of a certain size remains imperturbable in front of these childish things.

It does not exaggerate and go directly to a Newfoundland or a St. Bernard (both of which make excellent pets as nannies), but choosing a dog the size of a German shepherd or larger is optimal and desirable.

8 Best Dogs for Kids

1. German Shepherd

best dogs for kids German Shepherd photo

A German Shepherd is an ideal dog to take care of very young children, a perfect nanny dog. Her serenity, intelligence and ease of education make her an extraordinary nanny for the little ones.

They are very intelligent, strong, protective, caring and capable of understanding, accepting and fulfilling perfectly the mission of caring for your children.

As mentioned earlier, St. Bernard and Newfoundland are excellent nursing dogs, if you can afford to adopt them and then maintain them.

best dogs for kids Pitbull  photo2. Pitbull Terrier

Despite its bad reputation, the pitbull terrier is a fantastic dog for kids. Its rough and dangerous appearance hides a great heart and infinite patience with children. After the golden retriever, he is considered the most serene and calm dog to live with children.

The pitbull’s problem is that it is classified as a “potentially dangerous dog” and that a license, liability insurance and the use of a muzzle in public places are required, resulting in a waste of time and money that few people can afford.

4. Golden Retriever

best dogs for kids Golden Retriever photo

The golden retriever is a very gentle dog with the little ones and a true “silent martyr” because of the length of its coat, so easy to pull. This dog is considered an ideal nanny for children, and an excellent pet for the whole family. His intelligence, kindness, temperance and attention to the little ones are proverbial.

4. Great Dane

best dogs for kids Great Dane photo

The Great Dane is a large size dog ideal for children from 5 to 6 years old. It is a very protective animal, gentle and kind to children but, by its imposing presence, removes anyone seeking to harass them.

There is an anecdote of a Great Dane who kept a fish shop and accompanied the shopkeeper’s daughters to the school gates before reaching his assigned security post (lying in the middle of the sidewalk under the rays of the sun). Set like a clock, and without anyone warning him, he showed up at the end of the school waiting for the two little girls he had to escort.

The problem of the Great Dane is the same as in the case of St. Bernard and Newfoundland: its maintenance(it’s a huge dog). In addition, he needs to live in a large house or to have its own garden.

4. Boxer

best dogs for kids boxer photo

Among the dogs, the boxer is the eternal puppy. Indeed, he never loses his thirst for games. It is an animal that immediately sympathizes with children and lends itself to all kinds of games. The ideal age to enjoy a boxer is from 6 years. He is a kind dog to strangers, but he remains a trusted guardian, responding with courage to delicate situations.

6. Long-Haired Colley

best dogs for kids collie photo

The Long-Haired Colley or Rough Colley is a dog very attached to its family and especially to children. His patience is infinite. It is ideal dog for children that are 7 years old or older, who already know that they should not pull the dog hair.

Unlike the boxer, the Collie is suspicious of strangers. Therefore, it is recommended to “introduce” newcomers to avoid problems. He’s an excellent watchdog.

7. Beagle

best dogs for kids beagle photo

The beagle is an ideal dog for hyperactive children. It is a very easy pet to educate. The child who will play with him will be delighted, able to teach him all the tricks that will come to mind.

The beagle, although it is the smallest of the dogs presented in this article, possesses an inexhaustible energy. He will therefore never be reticent or apathetic to the demands of the child. It is an ideal dog for 7 years old kids . One of the advantages of the beagle is that it can live in small apartments.

8. Labrador

best dogs for kids labrador photo

Labrador can be the perfect playmate for your hyperactive child or pre-adolescent. It is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. This dog breed is very strong and active, yet sensitive to children. He is an ideal dog for the whole family, with which he integrates perfectly and which he defends with courage.

In addition to the breeds mentioned, remember that any dog can be an excellent companion for your child. But to achieve this, the education of the animal must be carried out, and particular importance must be given to the process of socialization and basic obedience.

A dog who receives a good treatment, whose needs are satisfied and who enjoys a stable and happy life will be the best playmate for your child, don’t forget it!

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